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About Us

technology innovations that transform your business.

We are a genial technology company delivering insightful enterprise software that foster your business. We focus on building a company culture capable of delivering superior stakeholder value by helping people to make the most of each moment. Our expertise provides you access to your business at any moment, at work, at home or on the move. The bespoke solutions are designed to serve very specific need of yours. The reporting engine covers detailed minutiae of your business transactions.

To make your operations easy we provide:

  • Business Analytics and Intelligence creates an operational intelligence to improve performance and decision-making
  • Automated Query Response System fetches analyzed data from multiple sources in real-time to help you drive your business.
  • Automated Analysis Emails extracts and distributes quality data from your work processes for analysis.
  • Voice Intelligence System provides you enhanced accessibility to Panther Nails products.


Human Resource Management

Employee Expence | Visitor Management | Time Office | Leaves & Overtime Control | Payroll | Policy Control

Loyalty & Promotions

Online Order Tracking System | Promotions & Loyalty Program | Incentive Based Loyalty Program

Travelling & Expence Management

Tranvel Plan | Work Plan | Advance Money | Expense Deviations | In-Land & Overseas Travel | Approval Matrix

Accounting & Valuations

Fixed Asset Management | Document Approval & Management | Finance Automation | Inventory Valuation | WAP | Commodity Pricing

Production & Planning

Production Planning | Automatic Store Part Request | Customer Indent | Supplier Portal

Goods Traceability

Store & Warehouse Management | Work in Progress | Outsource Processing Management | Dispatch Management

Why choose us?

We are devoted to make the phrase Panther Nails a connotation to Ease of Business.


Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud are the buzzwords that are shaping todays enterprise. Panther Nails is keen to keep your business up to date with all these contemporary trends.

We also provide interfaces that are easy for clients to integrate them with their own apps and services to improve productivity, make decisions faster, provide focus (by reducing context switching), and create collaboration around existing content and workflows.


We provide a fresh approach to re-evaluate and transform Company’s business towards modern digital era. We keep on seeking the opportunity to influence and transform your company's business strategies for betterment.

We exist to create a purposeful innovation that helps to run business smoothly, focusing on consumer needs, industry trends that fuels growth, and updates in industry around the country.




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+ End Consumers Served


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Feeling excited yet?

It will be a great opportunity for us to present our skills and expertise with your organization. We are eager to partner with you and provide the acute insights to your organization.

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Co-Founder & CTO

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Director - Smart App Division

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SME - Customer Support