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We are in an era where we have to re-imagine almost everything; keeping new devices, connectivity, new interfaces and beauty in mind. After8 is the productivity engine that works in your business environment, with defined rules and policies. After8 allows adaption and customization according to the workflow of your organization that gives special approach to your business strategies by making everything online to track and trace the business processes.

With all possible rulesets and policies, After8 helps people to be more productive, disciplined and punctual. When you buy any Panther Nails software, you are entitled to enjoy the enhanced features of After8. After8 provides you the mobility that allows you to access data directly from your Tablets and Smartphones.

  • Business Analytics and Intelligence creates an operational intelligence to improve performance and decision-making
  • Automated Query Response System fetches analyzed data from multiple sources in real-time to help you drive your business.
  • Automated Analysis Emails extracts and distributes quality data from your work processes for analysis.
  • Voice Intelligence System provides you enhanced accessibility to Panther Nails products.

Finance Automation

We are devoted to make the phrase Panther Nails a connotation to Ease of Business.

Finance Automation

Having automated emails sent to your customers for Debit or Credit Notes, emails about the TDS to your employees or your customers can be real help to the Accounts department to avoid penalties.

We also provide interfaces that are easy for clients to integrate them with their own apps and services to improve productivity, make decisions faster, provide focus (by reducing context switching), and create collaboration around existing content and workflows.

Manufacturing Automation

We are devoted to make the phrase Panther Nails a connotation to Ease of Business.

Production Planning

The Production plan has to be accurate to avoid the wastage and expense overhead. Panther Nails Production and Planning applications, gives you a graceful way manage the Production lines, gauge the production at any instant against the time elapsed.

A Dashboard with a big picture of your production plan helps everyone on the floor realize the status of todays production. The elaborated chart grabs your quick and easy attention towards the progress. Anything, out of track can be caught and focused right way.

Human Resource Management

We are devoted to make the phrase Panther Nails a connotation to Ease of Business.

Managing Human resources is quite hectic and time-consuming job. You have to keep track of the in and Out, out-duties, leaves, multiple-shifts of all of your employees. Failing that can cause you money or may upset your employee. Panther Nails Human Resource management solution is an easy and fun tool for you and your employee which helps you to do all this with great ease and visibility. Keeping everything at one place provides accurate results which saves your valuable time.

Traveling Expense Management

Travelling provides an elite UI to make your travel plan, expenses, deviations, work plan, hotel and local commute possible in one go. It automatically sends the plan approval to different signing authorities. You can get all your travel plan track by Email. It helps you manage,

  • Travel Plan
  • Work Report
  • Expences
  • Advance Money
  • Accommodation
  • Deviations & exception cases

Employee Expense Management

Paying out employees for his expenses for company work, paying out perks that are not part of his CTC, and any other type of expenses that you see that has to payed out or reimbursed to the employee are managed through this.

Leave Management

Improper leave management can lead to cause extra money payed out to employees or it can even make your employees upset when the leaves are deducted from their account with no good reason leaves Management gives an to the point UI to fill up your leaves, signing authorities as per defined approval levels, automatic emails for leave approval and acceptance.

Asset Management

Panther Nails Accounting and Valuation Solutions are very friendly with ERP systems.

Valuation solution provides a healthy handshake with external applications to manage the Purchase Orders, Goods Receipt Number, Store Receipts Voucher etc.

Fixed Asset Management

The Asset management solutions enables you manage all your Fixed Assets. It provides easy way of locating your fixed assets in your premises. It also evaluates their values with yearly depreciations.

Document Management & Approval System

Documents has to be managed and handed over with caution and security. Document management and Approval System provide a nice approach for Document deliveries and Approvals.

Document Management manages the document sharing in a secured way. The multilevel approvals ensures the correctness of the documents shared across.

Track & Trace

Panther Nails provides a great track & trace options with its Good Traceability software suite.

Track & Trace replaces traditional paper-based tracking systems into tightly integrated online systems. It provides the ability to locate and trace material's history from its purchase or manufacturing start to the point of shipment. It also adds enhanced tracking strategies targeting instant retrievals for analysis and cause findings.

Store & Warehouse Management

Store management gives you an easy and handy mobile interfaces enables on the go tracking of you store stock. It also enables you to experience automatic store requests from assembly lines.

Work In Progress

Work in progress dashboards can be displayed on your floor for overall visibility. The dashboard serves a great help to your employees to track their work progress.

Outsource Processing Management

Keeping track of job work for outgoing goods and incoming semi-finished parts to and from vender. It also maintains inventory at Vendors end to know how much raw material is still there with your Vendor and how much you need to provide for you next orders.

Returnable & Non-Returnable Goods Management

Many times, you may send you assets for repairing and maintenance purpose to the Vendor which you are expect to be back within certain period of time. Often, you also send tools to your Outsourcing partner to provide you the semi-finished good. Returnable / Non-Returnable Goods Management helps manage the outbound returnable and non-returnable goods records, reminding you about their timely follow ups and prompt recovery.

Dispatch Management

When you are walking on a tight rope serving your clients need with the required products and fully occupied with production, Dispatch Management is there to manage your all outbound deliveries.

Influencer Engagement & Customer Loyalty

Provides a platform to incentivise your influencers to promote your products.

Influencer Engagement & Customer Loyalty program enables you to build and enhance the relationship between Producer (You) and Consumers (Your customers) by influencing the customers to buy your product over your competitors.

Influencers are the one who has the ability to change the mind of the end customer and make them purchase your product.

Influencer Incentive Program is a platform to target very specific influencers that are prone to use your product and have an ability to influence the end-user to buy it.

Getting to know your Influencer enables you to have new customer acquisition and customer loyalty to boost your business.

Building blocks on which you can define your reward plans –

  • Unique and non sequential Incentive code generation

  • Cash and Gift points around Purchase, Sales and Influencers activities.

  • Automated Payout system to ensure Security and Integrity of all monetary transactions.

  • Communication and Collaborations keep influencers informed and in-sync.


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Human Resource Management

Employee Expence | Visitor Management | Time Office | Leaves & Overtime Control | Payroll | Policy Control

Travelling & Expence Management

Tranvel Plan | Work Plan | Advance Money | Expense Deviations | In-Land & Overseas Travel | Approval Matrix

Goods Traceability

Store & Warehouse Management | Work in Progress | Outsource Processing Management | Dispatch Management

Accounting & Valuations

Fixed Asset Management | Document Approval & Management | Finance Automation | Inventory Valuation | WAP | Commodity Pricing

Production & Planning

Production Planning | Automatic Store Part Request | Customer Indent | Supplier Portal

Loyalty & Promotions

Online Order Tracking System | Promotions & Loyalty Program | Incentive Based Loyalty Program

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